The Thoreau Center has 1950 square feet of space for your event and will accommodate 130 people inside the Center for a reception-type of event. If you need all of your guests to be sitting at tables for a meal, the Center will accommodate 70 people.

The space includes:

    • The main gallery that is 34 feet by 17 feet and can seat 45-50 people for a meal:
    • A 23-foot by 19-foot solarium that has a bar area and seating for 18;
    • A library that will seat 6-8 people;
    • A dining room to serve your food;
    • A large entry hall and back room for mingling, storage, or a quiet area:
    • A kitchen and adjacent storage area to prepare your food and drinks.

The Center has six tables with chairs in the solarium and library. The Center has other six-foot and eight-foot banquet tables for use in the main gallery.  There are also 70 padded chairs, and an additional 50 metal, folding chairs for your use. You may bring in your own tables and chairs for your event if they have rubber or felt floor protectors on the legs. The kitchen has a sink, microwave, refrigerator and lots of counter space for your convenience. The Center has a stove/oven, but it cannot be used under city regulations. You may bring in crock pots, warmers, etc.

There is a small amount of parking on the south side of the Thoreau Center, with one spot reserved for people with disabilities. You and your guests may park along Kingman Boulevard, or in the large parking lot to the south of the Thoreau Center that is owned by Des Moines Fellowship Church, unless the Church is having an event.

The Thoreau Center is in a historical residential area, so we must follow city regulations to ensure that our neighbors are not disturbed by your event. Please see the FAQs tab to see the rules that will govern your event.