Rental Information

General Rental Information

To rent the first floor of the Thoreau Center for your event, contact the Thoreau Center at 515-279-7312 or info@thethoreaucenter.com.   A short Rental Agreement, one-half of the rental fee and a cleaning/damage deposit is required to reserve your event more than 90 days in advance. The other half of the rental fee is due 30 days prior to the event. If you want to reserve a date that is less than 90 days away, then the entire rental fee and cleaning/damage deposit is required to reserve the date. The rental fee will be refunded to you if the event is cancelled at least thirty days before the event.

Your actual event, not including reasonable set-up and clean-up times, cannot last more than six hours and must be over by 10:00 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays, with cleanup done by 11:00 pm. Events must be over 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, with cleanup done by midnight.  The Thoreau Center will accommodate  up to 130 people for reception-type events. If you want everybody to be seated for a meal at the same time, the Center will accommodate 75 people.

Since the Thoreau Center is located in a residential neighborhood, no excessive noise is permitted. Music playing inside of the building should not be able to be heard at the west property line of the Thoreau Center. If you are inside the building and have to shout in order to be heard, your music is too loud. No amplified music is allowed outside of the building. Renters must strictly follow all state and city alcohol laws. The serving or consumption of hard liquor is prohibited. Wine and beer can be served and consumed, but not sold.

The Thoreau Center is a smoke-free property. No smoking is allowed inside or outside of the building,or on the church’s parking lot to the south of the property.

Basic Rental Fees:

Events, other than weddings or wedding receptions, on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday weekends – $495.

Events, other than weddings or wedding receptions, on Sundays – $300. You cannot have access on Sundays until 1:30 pm.

Events, other than weddings or wedding receptions, on Mondays through Thursdays – $300.

Weddings or wedding receptions on any day - $950.

The above rates are for the times listed. If you want to set up the day before or clean up the day after your event, and the times are available, additional fees will be charged.

Daytime meetings on Mondays through Fridays – $175 for the first three hours, plus $35 for each additional hour or portion of an hour.

Contact us about rates for recurring events such as classes, monthly meetings, etc.


Cleaning/Damage Deposit

A cleaning/damage deposit of $300 is required to be paid at the time you reserve your event. The cleaning/ damage deposit for weddings and wedding receptions is $700. The deposit will be refunded within thirty days after your event with the following exceptions:

- Your entire deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your event 45 days or less before the date of your event.

-  One-half of the deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your event more than 45 days before the date of your event.

-  Your deposit will not be refunded if the event lasts longer than the reserved ending time of your event, or if you  do not follow the Thoreau Center rules, including rules regarding noise, smoking and the use and serving of alcohol.

- Your deposit will be used to pay for any damages to or theft from the Thoreau Center during your rental period.

-Your deposit will be used to pay for cleaning services if you fail to return the Thoreau Center to its condition prior to your event. Cleaning services will be billed at $40 per person per hour.


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