The Thoreau Center is located in a residential neighborhood, so you must follow certain rules to ensure that the neighbors are not disturbed. You must follow the following basic rules for the Thoreau Center or your event will be terminated without a refund of your rental fee and cleaning/damage deposit:

1. You must comply with the city’s noise ordinance. This means that music and other sounds within the building should not be able to be heard at the west property line of the Thoreau Center. If you are inside the building and have to shout in order to be heard, your music is too loud.

2. No amplified music is allowed outside of the building.

3. Renters must strictly follow all state and city alcohol laws. The serving or consumption of hard liquor is prohibited. You may bring and serve wine and beer at your event, but you cannot sell wine or beer, or sell cups for it to be served in. You cannot allow people at your event to become intoxicated, and you cannot serve beer or wine to minors or intoxicated persons. You cannot allow people at your event to consume alcoholic beverages outside of the building.

4. Your event must be over and your guests gone by 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, or by 10:00 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays.  Your clean-up work must be finished by midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and by 11:00 on Sundays through Thursdays.

5. If you bring in chairs, tables or other items, they must have rubber or felt protectors on the legs so that our hardwood floors will not be damaged. Vinyl, plastic and metal protectors cannot be used.

6. Your event cannot use candles with natural flames, or glitter or other items that are difficult to clean up.

7.  The Thoreau Center is a smoke-free property. Renter and renter’s guests shall not smoke either inside or outside of the building, or on the church’s parking lot to the south of the property.

8. No guns or illegal drugs are allowed on the property, either inside or outside of the building, or on the church’s parking lot to the south of the property.

9. Renter and renter’s guests shall not violate any federal, state, or local laws while on the property. Renter is responsible for all actions of their guests and shall not allow any illegal or disruptive activities. Renter shall supervise the event during the entire period of use.

10. Nothing shall be attached to the walls, ceilings or any fixtures without obtaining prior permission from the owners of the Thoreau Center. Renter may not use glitter, confetti, sparkles or other small decorative items that are hard to clean up.

11. Renter shall remove from the property everything brought into the Thoreau Center by renter or renter’s guests by the end of the rental period, except for trash which must be placed into the trash containers in the garage. Anything left on the property after the end of the rental period will be thrown away.

12. Renter shall not use the fireplace in the Thoreau Center and shall not use candles or any other open flames.

13. No plants or furniture in the Thoreau Center will be moved without the Owner’s prior approval.

14. When the event is over, renter will return the property to the condition it was in prior to the event. Renter shall clean up the property by cleaning the kitchen countertops, placing all trash accumulated during the event in the trash bins located in the garage, turning off the air conditioner  and locking all doors and windows. Renter should not sweep or mop the floors, but should wipe up any liquid on the floors with paper towels.


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